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The Corinthians is a separate organization within the Lighthouse Point Yacht & Racquet Club (LPYRC) that promotes social activities related to recreational boating and general fun. The Corinthians has over 130 members from all walks of life, and a rich history of social and boating activities.

Some members are involved for the socialization, others for the organized activities. All benefit from the social networks, friendships, and fun.




“The LPYC Corinthians, Inc. promotes social activity among the members, such as cruises, dinners, dances, parties and other forms of entertainment, and fosters a spirit of camaraderie among its members.
In addition, the Club shall:

(a) foster the art of seamanship and promote boating, sport fishing, and other allied marine activities,


(b) engage in such charitable activities coincidental to boats and boating, such as its members may decide, and


(c) provide educational programs for its members in areas of seamanship and marine activities”.



The Corinthians is a very active club that offers a wide range of activities for all recreational boaters, those interested in boating (past, present, future), as well as non-boaters. These activities include cruises to Florida and Bahamian marinas, informal/formal social activities, and even cruises for non-boaters. In total, there are over 15 organized cruises, 3 formal and 7 informal social events, and 23 informal Thursday evening social gatherings at the LPYRC.




Coming Very Soon:


Article II Paragraph 3 of our bylaws recognizes the ‘grandfathered’ Widow Membership, but nowhere do our bylaws define what this unique membership is or how one becomes included in this membership. Therefore our Board of Governors, in an attempt to resolve this situation, approved that the following sentence be added to Article II Paragraph 3 or our bylaws: "SPOUSES/PARTNERS OF A DECEASED MEMBER OF A DUAL LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP IN GOOD STANDING SHALL BE ADDED TO THE ‘GRANDFATHERED’ WIDOW MEMBERSHIP AND BE PERMITTED TO CONTINUE THEIR MEMBERSHIP AT A COST OF ONE-HALF (1/2) OF THE USUAL DUES."

Our Annual Membership Meeting on October 10, 2014 will be deemed a Special Membership Meeting in that this proposed change to our bylaws will be submitted to the general membership for ratification.


Our Nominating Committee consisting of V/C Cal Parent, P/C Jaime LaRue, P/C Hal Bishop, P/C Fred Hellman and P/C John Hallbauer has nominated the following Corinthians to serve a two year term from 2014-2016 on the Corinthian Board of Governors: Bob Heckman, Rick Hall and Neal Mitchell. These candidates were approved by the Board of Governors on July 17, 2014.

In compliance with our bylaws, any qualified Corinthian member may be nominated for election as a BOG Member upon the presentation of a petition signed by at least ten (10) memberships in good standing. Such petition must be accompanied by a statement signed by the nominee that he/she will serve if elected, and shall be filed with the Secretary not later than September 20, 2014 preceding our the Annual Membership Meeting on October 10, 2014.


Proposed Incoming Bridge:

to be approved at the General Membership Meeting

For Commodore:  Cal Parent lived in an automotive town all his life, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Cal started at Ford in the mid 50’s, worked in print sales in the 60's, bought and sold a printing company in the 70's, started a marketing company with Chrysler, as it's only client and sold to a publicly traded U.S. corp and retired in 1998. Cal has 6 kids, 10 grand kids, 5 great grand kids and most important of all, he is living the American Dream in Deerfield Beach with the love of his life Linda Thompson.

For Vice Commodore:  Maureen Jacobson grew up in northern N.J. and after college, she moved to New York City where she grew up more! In 1983, she left N.J. (again) and moved to Boca Raton with her 2 year old son Darren. After 7 years she was reacquainted with Ben Jacobson through her parents, Naomi and John O’Connell. Through her marriage, her family grew and she became a member of the Club and the Corinthians. Maureen loves boating, socializing and charity work, especially cancer research and is a Board Member of PAWS which raises funds for the Humane Society. Maureen is proud to serve as Vice Commodore of the Corinthians and looks forward to many more years to come!

For Rear Commodore:  Leslie Baron lived in the Los Angeles area for 30 years before moving back to her hometown, Boston, to be reunited with Michael. She had no previous boating experience but she learned quickly to be a first mate and has been boating steadily ever since. They brought their boat down to LPYC in late 2007 where they lived at the Club's dock for one year. During that time they joined the Corinthians and have been welcomed into a larger-than-ever extended family. Leslie is honored to be able to serve on the Bridge and looks forward to a terrific year ahead.

For Fleet Captain:  Al Tupek grew up in Connecticut and lived in Bethesda, Maryland with his wife Karen for over 33 years. Al and Karen have been boaters since moving to Lighthouse Point five years ago. They also enjoy tennis and skiing and have led many ski trips. Al was an executive with the National Science Foundation, the Census Bureau, and Arbitron and is currently a part-time statistical consultant. Al and Karen have a son and daughter-in-law in Albuquerque, New Mexico and a daughter in Arlington, Virginia.


Breaking News:

March 8-15, 2015

"CORINTHIANS" will Cruise again in 2015!

from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to:

 Barbados, St Lucia, Antigua, St. Maarten, St. Croix

sailing on: Royal Caribbean—The Adventure of the Seas


The Mainsheet

Past Newsletters

We can now accept credit cards for Corinthian events.

You will be charged a small processing fee.

Boat US membership has been renewed and is available to the entire Club. This membership entitles members to a discount of $12.50 for membership with Boat US. There is a group ID#GA84293Y with the group name of LPYRC.

Save the Date:

November 5, 2014

There will be a 'Celebration of Life' Service for Troy Ducharme on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. at the Lighthouse Point Yacht & Racquet Club.   

Please wear full winter uniforms for the service.  

A buffet luncheon will follow.

See Obituary  


November 2, 2014

Change of Watch

Change of Watch Uniforms:

See INFO HERE or the front of your directory for Corinthian attire.

More Information

November 6, 2014

Meet The Commodore

More Information

December 5, 2014

Commodore's Ball

Ship's Store

Returns in October - 9th and 23rd

Thursdays, first and third of the month

5:00pm - 6:00pm & 6:30pm - 7:00pm

Awesome tumblers perfect for your boat or patio.

New men's shirts and new tops for women!


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