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Maureen Jacobson

Vice Commodore

Leslie Baron

Rear Commodore

Al Tupek

Fleet Captain / Cruise Director

Ben Jacobson / Mario Kalman

Bridge Reports


Carol Steigelman


Phil Fazio

Judge Advocate

Rick Garland

Mainsheet Editor

Lucy Feit

Activities Chairperson

Claudette Klein

Elected Board of Governors


Governor Term 2014 - 16

Rick Hall

Governor Term 2014 - 16

Bob Heckman

Governor Term 2014 - 16

Stephen Corn


Governor Term 2015 - 17

Mike Miller

Governor Term 2015 - 17

Soraia Berger

Governor Term 2015 - 17

Tari McCabe


Lee Maguire

Supply Officer

Gov. Bob Heckman

House Committee

Gov. Stephen Corn


Frank McCabe

Ship's Store

Lily Nash

Fleet Photographer

Fader Reichard

Sick Call

Jayne DiGiorgio


Tari McCabe


Laura Burton, Soraia Berger (Chair), Pat Donais and Frank McCabe


Introducing your new Commodore: Maureen Jacobson

Maureen grew up in Closter, New Jersey, and attended Endicott Jr. College and New York University, where she majored in marketing and then psychology. Since the age of 15, she wanted to live in NYC which she ultimately did for many years. Maureen worked in personnel and then after landing a lucky break, she began modeling, mainly for magazines and catalogues. She met her first husband and moved back to New Jersey where her son, Darren was born.

When life changed, she decided to move to Boca Raton where her parents had retired. At this point she started working for an executive recruiting company. Another company was looking to expand so she and her best friend at the time opened up an office for recruiting high tech executives. Life was great but then got even better when she was reacquainted with a family friend, Ben Jacobson. That was it for the both of them and now 25 years later….

Maureen and Ben and her son boated many years and devoted a lot of time to the Corinthians. Ben was Commodore from 1996-1997. They are the FIRST COUPLE to be Commodores and are very proud of that fact!

They have 11 grandchildren and love their families! Maureen’s grandson, Darren David now lives in the area. Maureen spent many years raising funds for a few favorite charities. She was President and Chairman for HANDY, which helps abused children now in foster care. She also was on the Boards of the Royal Dames of Cancer Research for breast and prostate cancer and on PAWS- Pets Are Worth Saving. Maureen was honored as Woman of the Year for Broward County in 1997 and also Woman of Style and Substance in the same year.

Maureen is “sort of” putting her new business of selling High Fashion Jewelry on hold. She is honored to be the Commodore of the best yacht club there is! She feels we all are very lucky people!







The Corinthians

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Lighthouse Point Yacht and Racquet Club

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