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Governor Term 2015 - 17

Bonnie Ducharme

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Rick Hall

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Becky Hibbard

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Stephen Corn



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Tari McCabe


Laura Burton, Soraia Berger (Chair), Kathy Hall and Frank McCabe


Introducing your new Commodore:  Leslie Baron

""Achieving the Extraordinary"

2016 - 2017

Prior to reconnecting with Michael back in 2003, Leslie’s only boating experiences were vacations aboard cruise ships. However, Michael quickly got her involved and taught her how to be a first mate while boating in the Boston area. By the end of her first boating season, she realized that the role of first mate was far more than merely wearing nautical clothing and she liked it. For the next few summers, they boated throughout the New England coastline and Long Island Sound, along with a trip throughout New York City harbor and up into the Hudson. Passing by the Statue of Liberty for the first time on her own boat was something Leslie will always remember.

The Barons moved to Florida in November, 2007, where they resided on their 35’ motor yacht, "How Lucky," docked at the Club’s marina. Within a few months, Leslie and Michael joined the Corinthians and the fun hasn’t stopped for them since. Meeting fellow boaters and making new friends became an important part of their Floridian lifestyle. No longer snowbirds, Leslie resides in Lighthouse Point year round and has become a well seasoned first mate, not only cruising around the southern Florida and Bahamian waters, but also all along the east coast.

Although raised and educated in the Boston area, Leslie lived 30 years in the Los Angeles area, where her daughter, Amanda, currently lives and is a fiction author, screenplay writer and movie director. Leslie has several years of administrative banking experience, as well as being a director for the world’s largest RVing association, although she has never actually gone RV’ing. Leslie feels honored to be your newest Commodore and in addition to her Commodore Cruise to the Panama Canal, she is working hard to create fun and exciting boating and land activities during the Corinthian’s golden anniversary year. She hopes you will join her in "achieving the extraordinary", 50 years of LPYC Corinthian fun.







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